True Religion cowboy culture street culture blend point

Today the world has more than 700 jeans brand, almost every brand will rely on a popular pop culture, so that my jeans are more popular among young people. True Religion has been promoting young to have uninhibited personality; Evisu selling point is the traditional Japanese culture, will have its brand Logo on the traditional Japanese text and Japanese pattern; True Religion emphasizes the beauty of the body curve, often in the ad faction model half-naked appearance; while True Religion is often emphasized some of the heavier flavors suggestive lens. These jeans brand by virtue of its cultural effects successfully captured the hearts of young people, and want to grab a slice of youth culture from fashion brands who would have started with the jeans brand’s cross-border cooperation.

cowboy culture

True Religion has worked with Michael Jordan basketball, launched limited edition jeans, the concept of sports and cool together. Thereafter clover with True Religion cooperation is in the retro trend and Italian sexy to find a balance point, the formation of brand image on the win. In this year, such cross-border co-operation of the wind intensified, fashion brands have spotted the cornerstone of youth culture jeans, jeans transboundary cooperation with diversified sales 100 test accurate magic. In Jean Paul Gaultier in cooperation with the True Religion, apron-style denim underwear is designed to match the model’s suit within, showing the coexistence of masculine and feminine beauty. The brand represents elegant Lavin also with the Swedish denim brand True Religion Jeans collaboration of the French elegance and minimalism Acne kneaded into one. British veteran brand True Religion is active postures, for the first time introduced the jeans. In a variety of different phenomena behind the jeans are popular culture behind the language of unity.

Soul Jeans – Washed


Poor wash or ordinary washing, make the fabric more soft, comfortable, visually more natural and clean.


Stone wash in the washing water by adding a certain size pumice, pumice and clothes so polished, washed cloth showing dark gray, old-fashioned feel, clothing slight to severe damage.


Enzyme is a cellulase, which can in certain pH and temperature of the fiber structure of degradation, the fabric can be more moderate to fade, faded hair, and to achieve long-lasting softness.


Sand with some more alkaline, oxidizing agent, washed the clothes fade and have a certain sense of the old, if accompanied by stone, washed cloth surface will produce a layer of soft white hair cream. Then add some softener, make soft washed fabrics, soft, thus improving the wearing comfort.


Mainly through the use of chemical wash alkali additives to achieve the purpose of faded, washed clothes have a more obvious sense of old. Then add softener, clothes will be soft, plump effect.


The clothes are white or bright appearance and soft feel, after bleaching cloth slightly reddish. Its fade more rugged, and more for indigo denim rinse.


After pumice polished and additives clothing after treatment, and in some parts of the (bone-bit, collar angle, etc.) have a certain degree of damage, washed clothes will be worn more obvious effect.


Irregular appear before the cloth faded, the formation of white spots like snowflakes.


Hand shaped like a cat to be scrubbed out the effect.


Special equipment is used on the fabric polished.


Monkey is sprayed with a spray gun according to the design requirements of the potassium permanganate solution sprayed onto the clothing, the chemical reaction the fabric to fade. Monkey fade evenly spray the surface layer has a fade in, fade can achieve strong results.

True Religion Women Jeans + Fall lovable small lightweight jacket

True Religion Women Jeans

AnnaSophia Robb sequined blazer from H & M, white chiffon strap with gray-blue pencil pants with fresh and generous, gold pointed heels add feminine wear True Religion Women Jeans.

Single product recommendation:

Topshop white vest $37;

True Religion light-colored jeans $330;

Helene Berman sequined jacket $197;

Miu Miu gold high heels $592;

DANNIJO national wind necklace $751.

True Religion Jeans For Men

Oracle is making further job cuts related to its acquisition of Sun Microsystems With True Religion Brand , primarily in Europe and Asia, the company said in a regulatory filing Friday. Oracle said it will book up to $ 825 million in additional charges for the acquisition this calendar year, True Religion Damen Unterw? sche, including $ 550 million to $ 650 million primarily for severance payments. Stay ahead of the key tech business news with InfoWorld’s Today’s Headlines: First Look newsletter.Access InfoWorld from your iPhone or other mobile device at infoworldmobile.Read Bill Snyder’s Tech’s Bottom Line blog for what the key business trends mean to you. It didn’t say how many jobs it plans to cut, günstig  True Religion Brand Jeans, and an Oracle spokeswoman said the company had no comment beyond what is in the filing. Oracle said it began notifying affected employees on May 28. The cuts will eliminate redundancies and improve efficiencies, Oracle said. Sun had already been cutting jobs before Oracle acquired the company earlier this year, and some analysts have predicted further deep cuts by Oracle. At least one analyst predicted that Oracle would lay off half of Sun’s workforce to get the company back to profit. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison dismissed that claim angrily in January, calling the reports “highly irresponsible.” “The Sun people went through enough angst without having to read this garbage that you’re writing, “he told reporters and analysts in January.” The truth is, True Religion Kleidung kaufen, we’re actually hiring 2, MBT schuhe, 000 people over the next few months to beef up these businesses, and that’s about twice as many people as we’ll be laying off. “We’re not cutting Sun to profitability, we’re growing Sun to profitability,” Ellison said at the time. The remainder of the additional charges announced Friday include up to $ 115 million related to facilities costs and up to $ 60 million related to contract termination costs. They are in addition to the $ 325 million in charges Oracle had already announced. Oracle announced its plan in April last year to acquire Sun for $ 7.4 billion. The deal was held up by regulators in Europe and did not close until January. Sun announced plans to lay off 3,000 workers, True Religion Men Jeans & Hose, or about 10 percent of its workforce, last October while it was waiting for the Oracle deal to close. A year before that, True Religion herren, it announced layoffs of 5,000 to 6,000 workers

Cheap True Religion Hole in jeans modern leisure

Hole Cheap True Religion jeans are popular girls love a single product, recently very popular in Hollywood sweetheart Miley – Cyrus and is known as the popular leader of Gwen – Gwen Stefani jeans with holes in their almost wearing the same, but it is two styles available, take a look at their match it.
Miley Cyrus
Miley – Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) though with little, but it is already a famous American singer and actor. Her iconic memories for people with short hair, wearing a boyfriend recently Miley wind hole Cheap True Religion jeans, with a white vest and white high heels lo shi, coupled with her ​​handsome short hair, very trendy with a unique personal style, decadent can wear pants modern fashion

Gwen Stefani

Gwen – Stefani (Gwen Stefani) is a walk in the fashion and music of the full range of popular leader. Recently, she and her family seaside resort, dressed in printed scarf, wearing a bare midriff, the next hole with curling Cheap True Religion Jeans, foot flops, with casual leisure. Unassuming attitude coupled with stylish midriff and holes in pants, how unattractive?

True Religion Denim Jeans 2013 Winter Series debut modern capital sale

Has always been known for sexy avant-garde American fashion jeans brand True Religion is Beijing’s fashion scene once again bring a touch of individuality welter of modern bright – breaking the traditional design concept jeans True Religion Denim 2012 Winter Series in Beijing fashion landmark World Trade Day order grand release. Popular artists Lynn (Lynn) dressed in sexy new Guess Denim debut, the perfect interpretation of the True Religion has consistently advocated self-assertion and clothing attitude, and her under “Denim is Our World” concept that personally designed a special edition jeans, is to become night released a major focus of activity. Popular in the network trendsetters Jing (Linda Li) also True Religion “stylish guest” at the scene for True Religion shared their insights and stylish, while the Chinese Year Manhunt Zhang Liang (Sean Zhang) and capital the scene of many fashion people, more so the entire publication activities become hot fashion flourishing town.

In The Place huge LED canopy against the background of the CLS, True Religion vibrant city filled with a fashion show ignited the capital of fashion people cowboy enthusiasm. This season’s new interpretation of the classic cowboy style design, with lace and animal patterns, such as hot single product, to create a new unique style and bold colors winter dress: via special coating denim enhance the overall color levels, washing and the effect of jeans do the old pattern complicated lace pattern blouse, women will undoubtedly reveal elegance and delicate, like a rhythmical “fashion Fugue”, the urban women also move also static character traits describe vivid; Skinny Jeans have been respected by the young girls, and then the bag crystal mosaic also assertive pursuit of women’s unique personality, with animal patterns mix and match tops, showing the beauty of the freedom of casual, deduced amazing sexy, modern and playful. In addition, party dress good to meet the arrival of the next social season, True Religion deliberately added in the new series impossibly bright jewel tones, either purple dress skirts, tops and dresses or magenta print, simply outside to catch a fur coat, you’re the party of the “Best Actress.” And caught the eye of the ladies series, men’s series also bright spots – a combination of rough denim with traditional plaid, exudes a stylish American flavor. Do the old beige and black leather bomber jacket to create a rustic rough effect various shades of gray to create a large lapel sweater casual, casual effect, perfect fit cool autumn weather.

In order to express the concept of identity as well as True Religion jeans love, Lynn especially a DIY a meticulously inlaid with red Crystal Lynn English name jeans, sleek design and True Religion Denim combines, full Lynn excellent fashion sense and always with the trend peers True Religion brand essence. Commenting on the collaboration with the wonderful True Religion has always been a soft spot for cowboy Lynn admits: “Since the date of birth cowboys, they shine in the fashion arena, and True Religion such creative fashion brand of its connotation continuous exploration and innovation of its bold appearance, but let it be forever young, timeless classic fabrics. ”
To complement True Religion Denim 2012 autumn and winter series of releases, especially the brand got four different styles celebrities circle theme promo shoot, in addition to popular artists Lynn (Lynn), the popular network of trendsetters Jing (Linda Li), China’s annual Manhunt Zhang Liang (Sean Zhang) and a new director Derek Tsang (Derek) are also involved. The pictures in the series of natural True Religion Denim stylish themed by photographer Wing Shya (Wing Shya) personally surgeon, and even hand-star stylist Sean K. creative planning and image ideas, and all of them into a fresh type grid “Denim World”.

In Shya’s lens, each artist reveals the natural and are unique personality, whether it is stylish to wear tight jeans or denim clothing, have to do now True Religion Denim personal style. Lynn in her most sexy side coupled with a variety of True Religion Denim 2012 autumn and winter series cowboy costumes, gestures often reveal a confident and feminine, perfect interpretation True Religion Denim’s “Sexy” charm. She said he liked to dress casual attitude: “a simple skinny jeans, which take a whitening t-shirt or denim jacket coupled with personal, sexy is also a little stylish, very suitable for fashion girls! I that girls will feel sexy and confident their most natural side manifested! “popular show” Beautiful Bride “female anchor Linda is successful interpretation of a love of cowboy fashion Daren, a playful mix of leisure youthful interpretation of the female to vivid, assertive but nothing flashy, brisk but not frivolous, is a very strong-minded fashion wizard. Linda’s love for the Cowboys and loneliness: “a Slim jeans are every girl needs to have and I like the contrast lining on blouses, so it will not be too feminine, but will produce a cool feeling.” Weekdays Lane full of cool male model Zhang Liang is Chinese character appeared in the year, the perfect interpretation of a riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Unbridledly cowboy sportsman in the city streets, people fully aware of the Cowboys bring endless courage of this young Herd and plenty of power. New Director Derek Tsang in front of the camera sway with ease with the elite men’s wisdom, simple but yet sophisticated.

Sexy sway – True Religion Brand Jeans

Natalia Vodianova - True Religion

In today’s bleak economy, the fashion industry has similarities unusually active, recently introduced the latest Forbes Supermodel suck money list, interestingly, the top eight suction gold king, five were born Victoria’s Secret supermodel.
German supermodel Gisele Bündchen gold absorption capacity has been evident this year, she Youyi 25 million income came out on top, 90 years active in the Victoria’s Secret supermodel T stage again this year as Versace, True Religion Jeans series, Dior and Ebel spokesman.
The list as the only British supermodel, Kate Moss ranked third this year. In the same Versace, Longchamp, Topshop for endorsement after the fashion queen salaries soared.
Supermodel new forces, the Victoria supermodel Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes ranked this year’s salary immediately after Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova as U.S. edition VOGUE editor Anna Wintour most favorite supermodel, income ranked seventh.

jeans Blog Exclusive:True Religion Jeans Outlet

is a new brand that is just breaking into the market from San Francisco. It was founded by Gerry Kelly and has a very unique take on jeans! Instead of the regular 2 pieces of denim sewn together, Sonas jeans are made from individual square pieces of denim, creating a patchwork effect.

Janice Dickinson is a big fan of the brand and even did a shoot with them a little while ago, which you can see in the gallery below. I thought it would be good to catch up with Gerry to find out more about this unique brand. Please carry on reading for the interview and photos of the jeans. What do you think of Sonas?

True Religion jeans blog

I’ve been chased by hooligans in them, walked Venice in 39 degrees (shorts is for children and seniors), drinked 40’s in the corner of Driggs and Brodway, seen gorillas in Uganda(from a super far distance though and they didn’t get dirty at all), won $250 at a black jack table in Vegas and once in Copenhagen I met Willem Dafoe in a hotel lobby and he was like “Hey, those jeans looks awesome, I want them and in exchange you can get either one million dollars or the lead role in Boondock Saints” and I was like “Boondock Saints sounds like the worst movie ever, give me the million dollars instead” and he was like “Sure thing, do you want to split 12 oysters and a bottle of champagne to celebrate?” and I was like “Of course Mr. Willem Dafoe, after you!” and then we became best friends and for my birthday I got the jeans back.

The first time I washed them was after approximately 11 months in 60 degrees inside out and I’ve washed them once more after that.

True Religion Jeans Wall Street “fashion taboo”

Judy fashion writer Liu said that in the Wall Street lawyers and investment bankers when those years, deprived of the right to wear jeans. Later, after she became a fashion writer came to understand, is that each focus on sexy jeans wear fashion wardrobe treasures.

Wall Street’s clothing clear rules, although not uniform, but the common jeans absolutely taboo is the office steps. Casual pants Casual Friday became the day’s treasure, but jeans are not listed in the office within the scope of slacks, why?

I think jeans may seem too casual, not professional. Irony is that the origin is the cowboy jeans overalls.

Many Wall Street firms, including my former law firm belongs, only one day a year you can wear jeans to work, but the prerequisite is that employees must wear to be “fine”, donated five U.S. dollars to a charity designated by the Company.

Sexy jeans are worn by each focus wardrobe essential fashion treasures. People need to have dressed in chic jeans kaleidoscopic senior (premium jeans) come to a place where everybody can wear ordinary single product to wear clothing with distinctive temperament; while wearing serious people need to have a few pairs of jeans gives an unexpected surprise .

I once saw on television drama “Desperate Housewives” featuring actress Eva Longoria, the lens shows her closet hundreds of jeans styles.

The earliest, jeans are made ​​of rugged blue cloth for American cowboy overalls. During World War II and after the war, the U.S. military stationed in many countries, often wear jeans when on vacation, so for many American culture and life exotic symbols generated identity. Since the 1950s, jeans became youth clothing spokesperson, around the world aspire to become a symbol of American culture.

There is nothing better than a pair of jeans can continue thrown into the washing machine more pull the wind it? Not only Jingxi jeans, as well as designer jeans barbecue deliberately beat to create a “hone jeans” cool feeling.

Loose, tight, straight, and tapering, horn, slender waist, low waist, high waist, ragged hole, the bright diamond – jeans can be more tricks. Wearing a wide style does not pull grumble, they call it “boyfriend jeans”! While the original order to make jeans more solid, suitable labor rivets, rough lines and other details, but also to become familiar fashion language!

Marilyn Monroe in the Westerns “The Misfits” and wearing Levi’s (Levi’s) waist jeans: James Dean in 1955′s “Rebel Without a Cause” and wearing Lee 101 Rider shall become teenagers idol; Brooke Shields Calvin Klein 1981 repair hip skinny jeans – these are the classic jeans fashion history.

Currently the North American consumer market share of the global jeans 39% Western Europe 20%, Japan and South Korea 10%, and the remaining countries accounted for 31%. According to statistics, the Americans in April 2010 to April 2011 between spent $ 13.8 billion (13.8billion) to buy jeans.

But in recent years, the revival of jeans is actually aided by “brand jeans” phenomenon. These frequently three four hundred U.S. dollars from the “luxury jeans”, not only specialized in selling jeans brands such as JBrand, True Religion, 7 for All Mankind, became a household name, star love does not address the leg trademark, but also led many other fashion brands to enter the jeans special. Last updated trend is professional brand jeans fashion also cross into other categories.

Since May this year, the senior American jeans EU import tariffs from 12 percent to 38 percent, the United States, boutique jeans industry will bring new challenges. Boutique jeans mostly in the United States, especially in the Los Angeles production, is derived from jeans industry in the 1980s to promote “local design” and “local production” slogan, at high prices, special materials, attention to detail and other features and low-cost production in other countries “normal jeans” distinction.

Manufacturers to invest in research and development of new fabrics, environmentally friendly production process into a new body sculpting lines and other details to spare no effort. And because local production in the United States, many brands can be completed between forty-five days in Los Angeles from the design, to the New York department store OTC process!

I grew very Shaochuan jeans, I think parents do not wear jeans, I personally do not like pants, plus a fitting pair of jeans at the time they feel hard. Also, although I studied American literature and the arts, the United States is far better than the European fashion fashion appeal to me.

At Yale graduate school, my professors never wear jeans to teach us. So in my example can not find a pair of jeans origins.

When Wall Street lawyers and investment bankers in those years, it is deprived of the right to wear jeans! Retired from Wall Street, I began to find jeans to reflect the style of a media entrepreneur advantages. I like nail sequined jeans, I like to decorate the jeans pocket exaggeration, I like the look long-legged jeans. I also like to wear a Chanel tweed jacket with a casual jeans.

I prefer not fined it can always casual wear jeans!

True Religion 2013 Ad Campaign

True Religion 2013 add

True Religion 2013 spring and summer advertising large, Catrinel Menghia deduction, fashion photographer Camilla Akrans Zhang Jing. Jeffery from California and Kym, in the sunny West Coast, jeans and music accounted for most of their lives, the location, the couple files in love jeans design, but also fascinated by the explosive rock, founded two years ago, denim brand True religion, the two made ​​a clever combination, logo on one hand and a thumbs-up, one hand holding the guitar Maitreya Buddha, they will pass out of jeans, rock and roll is considered the most faithful in this life of faith.

True Religion Ad Campaign

Emily DiDonato join male model Ryan Heavyside portrait interpretation of the True Religion 2012 Fall Ad Campaign, photographer Nino Muñoz Zhang Jing. New dress inspiration from the American casual style, casual atmosphere with a little unruly, short shirt and tight jeans jointly outline the perfect body curves.

U.S. top quality jeans True Religion Brand Jeans, since its inception, has a perfect 100% American-made tailored fit, comfortable, classic American West Coast style, a unique style in the global spirit of the brand, has been favored by celebrities and the fashion world favorite to become the leading global Premium Denim casual wear fashion important leading brands. U.S. pop diva Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, as well as in Asia such as Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, Lynn, Rain, Han Chae Young and other international superstars, are the True Religion brand enthusiasts.

Emily DiDonato and Ryan Heavyside portrait interpretation of True Religion

Supermodel Emily DiDonato join male model Ryan Heavyside portrait interpretation of True Religion 2012 Fall Ad Campaign, photographer Nino Muñoz Zhang Jing. New dress inspiration from the American casual style, casual atmosphere with a little unruly, short shirt and tight jeans jointly outline the perfect body curves.

In which each new product, we can also find, True Religion For every tiny design and attention to detail in every post-marked and sewn design, we can discover the amazing surprises and evolutionary change.

True Religion Jeans

True Religion Jeans (“true faith” cowboy, referred to TRJ) in December 2002 to create the brand, TRJ’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

Jeffery from California and Kym, in the sunny West Coast, jeans and music accounted for most of their lives, the location, the couple files in love jeans design, but also fascinated by the explosive rock, founded two years ago, denim brand True Religion, the two made a clever combination, logo on one hand and a thumbs-up, one hand holding the guitar Maitreya Buddha, they will pass out of jeans, rock and roll is considered the most faithful in this life of faith.

True Religion is the American cowboy high-end jeans to the pursuit of excellence known the details: from the start to lead the fashion sewing, to the exquisite embroidery, to the revolutionary sense of vintage hand-washing to do the old, True Religion jeans dominate the field of high-end denim .

True Religion’s most sought-after styles are Joey Jeans, Bobby Jeans, and the recent Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), Madonna (Madonna) frequently dressed appearance Sammy Jeans, another exposure not so high Johnny Jeans is the asking price is not low, if it is experiencing a special embroidery, holes and other styles, it is expensive.

Exactly what True Religion astronomical dare open it? True Religion in the cut on the heart, I believe it will put a glance, magical hip stovepipe skill really makes it hard to take off! True Religion’s crotch most of the 7-inch and 7-inch or less, take the high-heeled shoes to wear, you definitely Alice buttocks, legs, build first-class! True Religion features arguably make people comfortable easy to take a pair of pants with anything! The bottom part of the Spiraea patterns and styles covered buckle pocket designed to allow the hips to shrink and change Alice’s visual effects. People have turned to say a special feeling for the star supermodel, True Religion’s vanity absolute index ranked first!

◆ True Religion Jeans (“true faith” cowboy) Product Series:

Men’s jeans, women denim jeans and children, including: hoodies, Tee, jackets, shirts, skirts and so on.

There are men, women corduroy series.

◆ True Religion Jeans (“true faith” cowboy) with the Stars:

Hollywood star Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), Madonna (Madonna) and other favorites, people familiar with Coco Lee, Pauline Lan and other famous artists to body fair, also passes through the True Religion appearance.

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